Guys Want The Best Models

In this business I would suggest that if they are paying good money – and often lots of it – a guy looking to spend time with an escort girl is going to want the best “model” he can get. A cut above what he can get at home home, the best he can afford. Much like when you rent a car. Yes, you can just get the smallest and cheapest, but you are on holiday so why not splash out o something that you could not afford to keep all year round?

If you could afford elite would you really go bargain basement? And of course the better the girl looks the more she can charge. So surely this would be a win win situation. The Marbella escort gets clients who are happy and grateful instead of surly and arrogant and the client gets the girl of his (wet) dreams.

What the good girls realise is that they are dressing and preening for work. At home they might nothing better than to slob about in Pjs and eat ice cream or they might be a hard asses biker chic in nothing but black jeans and leather. However the work persona should be all thing to all men…well as many as possible if you get my meaning.

So invest in your looks and make the best of what you have, in will pay off in the long run bringing you more opportunities for work. Of course being nice, polite and helpful will also go a long way to getting work as you have to talk to someone about the work, take the booking agree a price and then charm the client into keeping you for as long as he can.

Now you look even more amazing you should invest in the best possible photographs you can afford. These are your “shop window”. Competition is fierce so beautifully displayed images that show off your best assets are a must. It is a fine balancing act. All professional shots are photoshopped these days, so you need to do that to level the playing field. But they must still look like you. And while men say they want the sexy girl next door, lots of them end up booking girls with porn star photos. So you need a mix that appeal to as many targets as possible. Which can get expensive.

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